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Electronic Waste Management Pune

About Us

M/S.Sayma E-Waste Solutions, Pune Authorized electronic waste recycler started operationsfrom September 2014, is engaged in handling, recycling and reusing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(WEEE)in cooo friendly way.The initiative is to aim.. Read More

E-waste Management Services

Policies of M/S.Sayma E-Waste Solutions are Non- incineration disposal methods and minimum landfill to fulfil all compliance and requirment. We recycle Electronic Wastes like mobile, TV, AC. Fridge in the most environmentally friendly manner and adhere to minimum landfill policy. Read More

E-waste Process

1.Manual Dismantling 2.Hands on Segreation 3.Shreddin and 4.Density Separation
2.At M/s.Sayma E-Waste Solution by adopting the above mentioned techniques,we covert Waste Elect ronic and Electrical Equipments into raw materials like Metals.. Read More