Our Processes

Our Proess of converting a Product Waste into Raw material includes

1. Manual Dismantling 2.Hands on Segreation 3.Shreddin and 4.Density Separation
2. At M/s.Sayma E-Waste Solution by adopting the above mentioned techniques,we covert Waste Elect ronic and Electrical Equipments into raw materials like Metals, Plastics and Glass. This is how a Product Waste becomes raw material at M/s.Sayma E-Waste Solutions
3. The Entire system of based on the principles of clean environment and minimum landfill.
4. M/s.Sayma E-Waste Solutions has developed its own simple, low cost machines for recycling of E-Waste like     Printed Circuit Board shredder, Tube light crusher, CRT cutting setup etc.