Our Policies and mission

Policies of M/S.Sayma E-Waste Solutions are Non- incineration disposal methods and minimum landfill to fulfil all compliance and requirment. We recycle E-Waste in the most environmentally friendly manner and adhere to minimum landfill policy.

Vision Statement

To become a world-class facility and provide top-class services and solutions for E-Waste recycling, to help mother earth to harvest maximum resources.

Our Environment Health and Safety Policy

M/s.Sayma E-Waste Solutions management believes that the approaches towards protecting environment, securing health and ensuring safety of its employees are of utmost significance.We are totally dedicated and committed to conduct e-waste management in an environmentally responsible manner with good health and sefety practices and there by conserving the environment and making safe,healthy and accident free work place.

Our Mission

  • We consider E-Waste not as waste, but a resource for recovery in an environmental friendly manner to protect environment.
  • Our motto is 3 R's Reduce.Reuse and Recycle,through continuous implementations and innovations in recycling technology.
  • Our country, needs simpler cost effective thechnologies with maximum resource recovery of metals,palstic and glass by recycling electronic waste in environmental friendly way.